Attorney confirms that the transfer of Funas’ mother-in-law from Costa Rica could take place in a month | News from El Salvador

Juan Carlos Guzm பெn Portugo was captured in the neighboring country in early April 2019 while on his way to Panama.

This afternoon, Attorney General Raul Melara confirmed that Costa Rica had authorized the extradition of Juan Carlos Guzm பெn Pertugo, the mother-in-law of former fugitive President Mauricio Funes, who was charged with embezzlement in a corruption case known as public robbery.

“For us as the prosecutor’s office, this is news, it shows that it was a success and what was said at the time, we are going to bring him to the country to face charges of money laundering,” Melara said.

The prosecutor’s office has accused the president and his wife, Ada Loos de Guzmn of embezzling $ 351,530 in stolen funds from the presidency.

Guzmn Bertugo, the father of former governor’s life partner Ada Mitchell Guzm சn Sikensa, a fugitive from Salvador justice, was captured in Costa Rica in early April while on his way to Panama.

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Salvador’s attorney and judicial authorities began the extradition from the moment he was captured, but it was accepted by Costa Rica in November 2019.

However, there was a delay in guaranteeing the extradition of Guzmn due to legal evidence filed by his bodyguards in the Costa Rican courts to prevent his deportation.

“Mr. Guzman had the right to use legal evidence, which was enforced in the courts of Costa Rica, but today it has been announced that it has been approved for extradition,” Melara said.

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He said he could be deported within a month if Guzman Berduko’s defense did not file another appeal to delay his extradition.

“We hope he will be in the country at a reasonable time … We hope the facts are fully proven and he should be extradited to the country,” the attorney general said.

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The Attorney General’s Office also responded to the case and shared on its Twitter account part of the extradition sentence handed down by the Criminal Court of San Jose’s First Judicial Circuit in Costa Rica.

“As a result of a process initiated by the FGR’s criminal activity, today (Wednesday) Costa Rica approves the extradition of former President Mauricio Funes’ mother-in-law. After being indicted by the FGR, Mr. Guzman fled to Costa Rica, where he sought to avoid justice.” Said the prosecutor’s office.

Photo capture from Twitter / @FGR_SV

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In El Salvador, an arrest warrant was issued against him in June 2017. According to financial needs, Guzman Sikensa’s spouses used public money to buy vehicles, pay off debts and travel abroad.

In June 2017, the 5th Peace Court of San Salvador issued an injunction restraining Mauricio Fonseca, his life partner Ada Mitchell Guzman and 13 other defendants from receiving $ 351 million in state treasures related to a public robbery case.

However, the suspect was detained by Interpol in Costa Rica until April 2019 when he wanted to go to Panama, and after the country approves his deportation, he will be extradited to the country to face its judicial proceedings.

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