A Russian university wants to open a branch in Havana

Higher education officials in Cuba and Russia are considering plans to soon open a branch of their own in the Cuban capital, along with the University of Havana, the Eurasian country’s federal university of the south.

A step Report Prensa Latina, these months, the Federal University of the South has been “active” with the Havana headquarters for upcoming student exchanges.

The Minister of Higher Education of Cuba, Walter Baluja García, thanked his Russian counterpart Valery Falco for these opportunities to expand the possibility of Cuban studies in Russia. In which areas? According to the report, the presence of Cuban students will be greater in branches such as “energy, transportation and others” necessary for Cuba’s development.

How to study in Russia from Cuba?

In April 2023, the Russian government added new categories for foreign students to study in the country, from three-year pre-university courses to five-year university degrees.

“Our cooperation has a long history and is based on the coincidence and proximity of the two countries’ positions on most issues on the global and regional agenda, in efforts to jointly face new challenges,” he said.

The Russian official added, “Cooperation with the Republic of Cuba in the field of higher education and science has great opportunities. We affirm our desire to continue and develop this work.

According to this information, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science offers 100 scholarships every year to Cuban students to strengthen their knowledge in educational centers in Russia, although they did not clarify how it was used for these scholarships.

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However, with the amount of Russian businesses expected to open on the island, from tourist-only hotels to three bank branches, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start learning Russian.

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