Pobladura de Pelayo García opens a co-working space with a regional flair

Pobladura de Pelayo García yesterday opened its coworking space, born with a clear regional mission. This was stated by Mayor José Ángel Tranch Cadenas. “Here you can come from any city in the Páramo, even from León, and we will welcome you all very well and give you advice on everything you need.”

The co-working space is part of the Inno Rural, Rural Development, Proximity and Employment project, funded by the Ministry of Environmental Transition and Demographic Challenge, as “we are the smallest city in Spain to receive this assistance,” the city’s mayor said. . The investment amounted to 65 thousand euros, of which the council must pay 6,000 in two annual installments. Thus, the upper part of the old House of Culture was adapted, equipped with computers with high-speed Internet connection, tables, an office and a meeting room. All this was completed with the support of the Regional Government of Castile and Leon to facilitate access to public buildings, funded by the European Next Generation Plans, worth €29,700, in which an elevator was installed.

Individuals and companies can use the space and it will also have a technician to advise entrepreneurs on everything necessary.

The event was attended by most of the mayors in the area, who were encouraged by Tranch to make the project their own and take it to their neighbors. In fact, he stressed that in the near future the technician will visit all municipalities to report on the possibilities of the space.

The opening ceremony was attended by the General Director of Caja Rural de Zamora, Cipriano García, who stressed that “we have absolute readiness to cooperate” and announced that the entity will open in the space “a virtual office that we hope will flourish.” He pointed out, “I see that this is an innovative city, that transmits very positive feelings, and that in an area like the rural area that is subject to population displacement, it represents an aura of hope. Caja Rural We will try to cooperate with you.”

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As explained by Caja Rural Expansion Regional Director Alejandro Hidalgo, the Pobladora office will begin opening on Thursday afternoon in what the entity considers a pilot experiment that, if successful, can be moved to other locations.

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