PLD considers self-criticism after election defeat |

Francisco Dominguez Brito.

Santo Domingo, June 15.- Francisco Dominguez Brito, member of the political committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and former Attorney General of the Republic, said that after the electoral defeat, the organization must undergo a serious reflection process. Self-criticism.

And, he said, he should “fill himself with energy and courage to take up the protection of the people”.

Through his party's statement, Domínguez Brito said, “People are not opposed to the current situation, the cost of living continues to rise, salaries are very low, among other evils. “We need to continue to maintain a position that protects national interests.”

He felt that the 10th Ordinary Congress of the PLD should turn towards these objectives.

As approved by the PLD Central Committee, he explained that the Congress will spend the first month of three months specializing, which should go from the specific to the general and from the general to the specific assessment.

Address weaknesses and strengths at the national level

It is understood that party militancy must examine the party's weaknesses, strengths and opportunities in municipal districts, municipalities, constituencies, provinces and divisions.

“Truth must come from the participation of members and activists in a genuine, unimposed, evaluation process. Knowing how to listen is essential in an organization,” he added.

While raising the need for a thorough top-down and bottom-up review, the former Republican senator said no one has a monopoly on the truth.

The PLD finished third in the presidential vote and did not win a senator in the congressional elections. In addition, the Chamber of Deputies.EFE significantly reduced its number of seats

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