SUMAR calls on opposition parties to develop their own integrity agreement

The Citizens’ Movement described the opposition’s decision to sign the MoU promoted by the TSE as “correct”.

After the opposition parties Nuestro Tiempo, Vamos, FMLN and ARENA refused to sign the memorandum of understanding between the parties convened by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), the SUMAR Citizens Movement called on the political institutions to create an honesty agreement among themselves. 2024 election.

“This agreement should reaffirm its commitment to respect the Constitution and the law and the rules of the electoral process, despite the conduct and decisions of the ruling party and the complicity of the electoral arbiter. Citizens must elect their representatives among legally registered candidates,” said a statement broadcast on the X Network (formerly Twitter).

It calls on the international community to include changes in the electoral legal framework, the use of public resources in campaigning and the role of the TSE in its electoral monitoring.

“A cursory observation limited to the development of electoral events may inadvertently serve to legitimize serious violations of Salvadoran constitutional and legal provisions and concrete democratic breakdowns”

Add movement

The movement has repeatedly condemned the violation of the Constitution and electoral laws by filing Nayeb Bukhele’s candidacy for immediate re-election.

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