Platts and another second division team could be invited to the National League for next season


Platteness Has a little hope of staying on National League For next season. Shark as you mentioned Wolfry GuzmanThe head of the first division may be called Buenos Aires.

In the next post, the senior official confirmed it General Assembly Of National League Will solve the existing problem next season Honduras Played with 12 clubs.

“Even though it’s not on the agenda, the subject of 12 teams participating in the Petgris League next season was discussed. It’s not official, it’s touching the agenda in the next assembly, ”he said.

Of course, there are some restrictions that are prohibited in league laws Platteness Called for dismissal, but regardless, there will be two guests for promotion, Guzman promised.

“We know the waived team will have to wait a year to participate in the first division again. We’ll see if we can invite another team or two promotional teams from the platoon and the second division.

Wolfry Guzman He also spoke about the verdict in favor The real community Y Honduran improvementThis sent Platten down.

“After about three hours of consultation, there was a thorough analysis of the notice received from Fenafut, and surprisingly, we received a notice from Victoria which informed the League that the meeting had gone without agreement on the case and confirmed that what happened in the League was subject to trade laws,” he explained. .

“Teams were urged to develop knowledge of these types of events so that we would not spoil more competitive matches again.”

Will he be punished? செயலாளர் Secretary of the National League Solomon Calindo comes forward and assures that Real Sociedad and Honduras Progresso acted correctly at the time of registration.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Also, the leader Honduran National LeagueConfirmed that Platteness You can still appeal, but the time you have is limited and the chances of a favorable judgment are slim.

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“The Flatsens know he’s lost that type of sport. They have the opportunity to pursue related events, but time is limited. When they had to defend their interests we showed them that they were in a completely different position than they are now because they did not think about losing the type,” he said. Finished.

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