PK’s decision to complicate Shakira with her children

SHagira left her life in Barcelona and settled permanently in Miami. The Colombian singer happily made the trip, Because Milan and Sasha by her side will accompany her in her new phase in America. He did not say that all this would be his Bhikkhu.

Because in the information published by ‘La Vanguardia’ newspaper, this decision has been taken Not only does Gerard Piqué trouble the Colombian, It immediately affects their children too.

Create one Review Agreement between Shakira And PQIn this case, it is necessary to return to November when they established the agreement with the regulatory agreement regarding the protection of their children. established that Milan And Sasha They lived in America.

Another deal is that Piqué will be with his children during three holiday periods throughout the school year: Thanksgiving, Winter and Easter. BK can stay with them in America or take them to Barcelona.

However, this agreement will be cancelled Gerard Pique decided to live in Miami. For work reasons or to live near their children. If this happens, the situation will change completely and hence, custody will be shared. It’s a decision Piqué doesn’t make today, but he may in the future if he wants to.

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