An economic tsunami is coming

Important points:

  • Kiyosaki warned of the high possibility that an “economic tsunami” would devastate the United States and the rest of the world.
  • Kiyosaki warns that a crack in the institution shows how wrong a monetary system that only produces money out of thin air is.
  • Kiyosaki compares President Joe Biden’s executive order on cryptocurrency to George Orwell’s dystopian totalitarian vision of the future depicted in “1984.”

Amid repeated warnings about the coming financial crisis, Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of Personal Finance “Rich Dad Poor Dad”alerted his followers It is highly likely that a “economic tsunami” Come to destroy the United States and the rest of the world.

Kiyosaki discussed money, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and the US Federal Reserve’s FedNow project with “The Rebel Capitalist Show” host Georges Gammon during an episode of “The Rich Dad Radio” podcast. Aired April 12th.

Both of them expressed concern about “huge tsunami”which according to the author of “Rich Dad” would be “The biggest in the world because it is global. Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Bank of Japan… There is nothing bigger. And China has problems too.”.

“The Silicon Valley bank was the first victim. Then Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank. Next is the Bank of Japan. It’s a global meltdown. I’ve been through several tsunamis and all this stuff in the sea. My years out there, the boat didn’t hurt, but when it made land it did. .. boom.”

For his part, Jamon agreed and confirmed that this tsunami was not visible “Out to the sea, you can’t see it.”However, the warning system in the economic sector was the fact that 2-year Treasury yields are higher than 10-year yieldsand now A tsunami is not 100 miles away, a tsunami is 100 feet away..

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In Kiyosaki’s words, this is a danger to the entire monetary system, since “There is a crack in the foundation that shows how wrong this whole system is, this whole monetary system that only produces money out of thin air.”. So you think so “The American empire is declining, and that means the dollar may be declining.”because it will cease to be the global reserve currency that caused the rise of the United States.

As for the announced CBDC FedNow, which Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr that it may lead to Financial slavery and political tyrannyKiyosaki raised concerns about what privacy means:

“The biggest concern with CBDC FedNow is that we lose our privacy, they’re going to track us, they’re going to track our every move because they’re going to know everything we spend money on, what we spend money on, who we give it to, and all of that. So it’s 1984 for George Orwell. Big Brother will be watching us from Through our money, and that’s the problem with CBDC or the federal currency.”

Kiyosaki had also previously warned about President Joe Biden’s executive order on cryptocurrency, Ensuring the responsible development of digital assetsCompare it to the totalitarian and dystopian vision of George Orwell’s future described in the novel “1984”.

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