PK doesn't want Clara near her kids for a curious reason

Shakira? The reason Bigwe doesn't want to share his children with Clara Xia.

It seems that the relationship between Gerard Pique and Clara Xia is not the best, and now they have revealed a new controversy involving their children.

The former player doesn't want his children to share with his current partner, and they have revealed the reasons behind Piguet's decision in Spain.

“The truth is that Clara still does not live with her partner's children, and not because it was imposed from Shakira,” began Lorena Vasquez and Laura Fa from the Mamarasis project.

According to the aforementioned show, Gerard Piqué made the decision, not his ex-partner, Colombian singer Shakira.

Likewise, the two communicators revealed the reason behind the move with former footballer and now businesswoman Clara Xia.

The Spaniard made the decision in an effort to “protect the boys' emotional well-being” after all the changes they've gone through in the past two years since her controversial split with the Colombian singer.

Also, the aforementioned show denied information about Shakira's veto against Clara Sia so that she would not get close to her children.

“There was no provision in the separation agreement to do with Clara,” they describe.

All this comes after the Telecinco project, let's see where they said “Shakira is so ready to step on the brakes, she would have lifted the veto that banned Clara Sia from being under the same roof with her kids.”

And he added: “Maybe we're facing the end of the era of Shakira, in which she was involved in everything related to her ex.”

According to reports in the said project, Shakira may have reached an agreement with PQ due to her father's request.

“PQ is visiting her children, they tell me, and finally, it seems the ex-couple are at loggerheads. The health of Shakira's father, the safety of Shakira in Miami and the safety of her children have brought the couple back in touch,” the spokesperson said.

“William Mebarak has made a final request to the father of his grandchildren, knowing that his condition is deteriorating day by day due to normal pressure hydrocephalus, diagnosed since mid-2022,” they confirmed in Spain's El Nacional.

And they added: “(The Colombian's father) has asked the ex-footballer to let go of past grudges with his daughter and that they both try to improve their relationship for the sake of Milan and Sasha's well-being.”

2024/02/177:40 p.m / Internet writing

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