Piqué reveals the real reason for his retirement, Was it Xavi who got him out of Barcelona?


Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos, as usual, hung up his boots after a day of not being able to play against Osasuna, he was sent off as a substitute, and Gerard Piqué revealed the reasons for his departure.

And how his decision has matured since the start of this campaign. “Feelings at the beginning of the season are usually not the best. I saw the break as an opportunity to make that decision. I’ve always said that when I’m not important, I’ll leave it. Injuries at my position caused me to delay it all. There were games I didn’t play, I had to train after the game. Had to… And I felt out of place. One day I was going to go to the locker room and say: “It’s over,” says Pique.

“I didn’t feel it was my place. When they got injured, I said I couldn’t leave the team at that time. I set the break as a deadline because all my teammates will recover after the World Cup,” Piqué revealed to content creator Ipay.

“Pilsen morning, I tell Laporta that it’s over. I tell him by message. We already talked about it at his house. We end with a hug and a laugh. I left very happy. I look back, I had a wonderful trip. I felt like a privileged person. My “Play on the team of life, win it all. Couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m enjoying every day of my life like it’s my last. I hope to continue living like this. I have the opportunity to live a very productive life. Every day when I wake up, the first sentence I say is, I’m blessed.” He said.

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“If Lionel Messi wins the 2018 Ballon d’Or, I will quit football. I took a risk and it didn’t get me.”

Of his farewell at the Camp Nou last Saturday in the win over Almeria, he admitted that “it was wonderful”, although he has “never” liked “farewells”. “I did not expect what happened. I’ve always assumed that goodbyes don’t matter, and I later realized that they do. You realize how much people love and appreciate you. I hated saying goodbye and wanted to leave overnight. The match was great and I left very happy. Barca is very good. “I think the league will definitely compete this year,” he said.

His career as a professional footballer ended with a half-time sending off at El Sadr on Tuesday. “I only told him (referee Jesus Gil Manzano) ‘It’s always you’, because he called a corner against it, because everyone clearly saw that it wasn’t, against which they sent off Marcos Alonso and Lewandowski,” he justified himself. .

And he added: “He then pointed to our representative, Karls Naval, and told him I had been kicked out. Once in our dressing room, a Barça player who was next to the referee, I won’t say who he is, said ‘I shit on your fucking mother’. The umpire assumed I did. But at that time I was already expelled.

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The real reason he left

Let’s see Gerrard why did you decide to retire in November? “There are many reasons, one thinks as the season goes on. People already know that I finished the season with the meeting with the coach (Xavi) in which he told me that this year will be difficult. I personally came from a great pre-season, played everything, and then Not doing anything, the feelings at the beginning of the season were not the best because I wanted to try it,” Piqué revealed.

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Former central defender Pep Guardiola recalled some of the events on the day they won the treble, warning him not to party in the middle of the match. “Gerard, don’t go out, I went out and got injured, I got injured in the 60th minute, but I’ve never gone out on a game day, but it’s your responsibility, because if you go out to party, it’s your responsibility. The next day you don’t perform, they’re going to destroy you, Do it for yourself and for your team”, closed the Barcelona defender.

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