Photos of Pablo Lyle kissing his wife Marco Lavigne confirm their love

In September 2022, during the trial of actor Pablo Lyle, Ana Araujo insisted that they were not separated, as had been rumored weeks before.

A few months later, in February 2023, the actor was sentenced to five years in prison for involuntary manslaughter.

Ana Araujo posted this snapshot on Instagram in which she appears with Marco Lavigne.

debt: Ana Araujo/Instagram

Ana Araujo and Marco Lavin show their intimacy

Although Ana Araujo has not mentioned whether she is in a romantic relationship with Marco Lavigne, some of the videos and photos shared by the two on the aforementioned social network are proof of this.

In March 2023, he uploaded a clip about his business to his page on the application, in which he can be seen kissing the entrepreneur on the lips after giving him a haircut.

“An ‘update’ for my girl,” he wrote in the caption. In Mexico the word ‘Morra’ is used to refer to a woman related to him.

Ana Araujo and Marco Lavin share a kiss.

debt: Marco de la Costa/Instagram

In May, the photographer did the same in a post that compiled several moments he had with Ana on a trip to Oaxaca. Again, they are seen kissing.

Marco Lavin shows off his moments with Ana Araujo in Oaxaca.

debt: Marco de la Costa/Instagram

For his part, Araujo posted on his own feed on the popular digital platform on July 10, a series of postcards that appear next to Lavigne.

A few days later, on July 24, she mentioned him in a message in which she said she was teaching a baking class.

“My cinematographer, director, editor, creator and supporter Anbu Marco for supporting me in this project that we are completing,” he noted.

He responded to that dedication with three fire emoticons in the comments section, and he replied: “TA” and a white heart.

Ana Araujo thanks Marco Lavin for his support.

debt: Ana Araujo/Instagram

This September 8th, Ana ‘posted’ several snapshots, which she mentioned she took while in Oaxaca. In one of them you will find a man, who may be Marco.

But Araujo would have photographed Marco Lavigne like this.

debt: Ana Araujo/Instagram

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