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After attracting attention following her controversial participation in the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos (LCDLF), the Puerto Rican model and entertainer Patricia Corcino reappeared today on her social networks.

In a swimsuit photo she posted on her Instagram account, the former reality show participant showed off her new hair color, ditching the black that has long characterized her.

It's worth noting that the model has kept a low profile since she was last seen in public after being kicked out of the competition last time at the LCDLF Gala.

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The Puerto Rican, who took fifteenth place from the Telemundo reality show, was the protagonist of many controversies in the show after several clashes with her compatriot Maribili Rivera, who became the winner of the season.

Likewise, LCDLF Corsino and former reality show participant, Spanish journalist Cristina Porta ended up cutting off all forms of communication due to a misunderstanding.

It should be noted that the two are friends on the show, though, Porta said Speaker Corsino was one of those who cheated on her during the show.

“Yes, you get a lot of disappointments, I've experienced it already, but disappointments because he's not who you thought he was. Ultimately you also choose who you want to be by your side. Yes, it makes me sad because you believe what you are experiencing or at least what is happening to me is true, even though you are seen by many. But, I've gone out and seen, and there are different ones, similar ones, and even better ones. So I'll keep everything better,” Porta said Speaker About the topic.

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