Bizarab and Shakira: the formula of the world’s most listened-to Argentinian artist (that causes a stir for a new song with the Colombian)

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She often wears the same clothes: dark glasses, a hat covering her forehead, sports clothes, and sometimes her nails are painted black. It seems that Bizarrap wants to go unnoticed in life, although this is not a marketing ploy, given the global fame it enjoys.

The 24-year-old producer and DJ Argentina is the most listened to in the world on the Spotify platform in 2022 (peaked at number 49 worldwide) and has become a benchmark for urban music.

His story is like that of many engineering artists, Hip hop And reggaeton: a “kid” from the neighborhood, self-taught and with his own resources, he was initially ignored by the press and now admired by many.

And while it reads like an autobiography over and over again, it certainly doesn’t detract from his accomplishments. There are their famous collaborations and numbers.

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