Peruvian fans cheer Ricardo Gareca during Chile's line-up announcement for Copa America 2024

All this in Peru vs Chile preview for Copa America 2024 – Credit: Directv)

Peru fans certainly forgot Ricardo GarecaHe made history in local football by leading the national team to the top during a seven-year stint between 2015 and 2022. del'tiger' Or that eternal love does not last, for now it 'Red'.

If ever there was love from ordinary Peruvians Karega, today it has been confirmed that it is not. In the preamble Peru vs ChileFor the start of the group stage Copa America 2024FansTwo colorsThey showed their indifference to the Southern coach.

Chile and Peru completed the first date of the CA2024 group stage. – Credit: EFE

At this point the AT&T Stadium public address system announced the official lineup Chile team, anger flared on the Inca side. But when he finally presented himself everything was overflowing Richard; Some loud fouls immediately fell from the Peruvian, which attracted the attention of the broadcast of international networks, although the reaction was understood to be natural due to the action he took. Karega Leave Peru for Chile, a tough competitor.

Minutes after the opening whistle, exactly 'skinny'As he left the locker room and entered the center stage, the Peruvians once again shouted at the Argentine coach, who completely ignored the spectators' remonstrances, focusing on his team who wanted to go to the top of the league. America's Cup As in Qualifiers 2026. Protests should be urged against Chili They continued to occur during the tournament, although the central target was the Southern team. 'Vin football playerRed'He who controlled the ball was a football player who was smashed mercilessly.

The Chilean team came to the stadium to face Peru in the opening match of Copa America 2024. (DSports)

Ricardo is fully aware of the constant attacks he receives from fans of the Peruvian team. Although he does not agree with the actions, he understands it, but does not want to draw too much attention, because his central focus is what Chile is doing: “We're not robots, we're human beings, and my emotional focus is definitely on fielding the best team for the start of the Cup and focusing on this new challenge.”

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Of course,'tigerHe admits that he always keeps in mind “thank the people”., of course. It will never change, but I am a professional, I live from this, and today I focus on everything related to the Chilean national team.

These games are special for both countries. But beyond all that, it's going to be a tough, complex fight, and the players are going to experience it very emotionally when the ball starts rolling. Both teams have things to prove, things to improve, so we will make decisions,” he concluded.

Ricardo Gareca, coach of Chile. – Credit: ANFP
  • Archers: Claudio Bravo (Betis), Gabriel Arias (Race) and Brian Cortes (Colo Colo).
  • Defenders: Matías Catalán (Talleres), Benjamín Kuscevic (Fortaleza), Thomas Galdames Godoy Cruz), Mauricio Isla (Independiente), Paulo Díaz (River), Guillermo Maripán Mónaco), Igor Lichnovsky (USA), Nicolosos Audax Italiano).
  • Frills: Rodrigo Echeverría (Huracán), Marcelino Núñez (Norwich City), César Pérez (Unión La Calera), Erick Pulgar (Flamengo), Esteban Pavez (Colo Colo) and Diego Valdés (America).
  • Leads: Alexis Sanchez (Inter) ).

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