Perez Rozava: “Neither the law of science nor the reform of labor will help solve the real problems of researchers”

Murcia. The Academy of Sciences of the Region of Murcia (ACCRM) The new school year opened on Wednesday evening with a ceremony held in CajaMurcia Foundation Cultural Chapter. Vincent Vincent GarciaProfessor Emeritus at the University of Murcia (UMU) and Director of the Experimental Clinical Hematology and Oncology Research Group, was responsible for delivering the opening lecture, entitled Innate immunity, infections, and the hemostatic system: friendships can be dangerous (Covid-19)as reported by Orión Comunicación.

During his speech, which was attended by academics from ACCRM, fellow professionals, and scientific and regional authorities, he wanted to learn about the essential work of scientists in this long-distance race to fight the coronavirus.

The starting point for this lesson was the clinical observation made since the beginning of the pandemic of how coronavirus patients requiring hospitalization, especially those admitted to the intensive care unit, experienced thrombotic events. “In the descriptions of the clinical picture of COVID-19, respiratory failure and also a series of alterations to the hemostasis system stood out,” the academic explained. “This disease is without a doubt the best example of the nature of immune thrombosis,” said Dr. Vicente Garcia.

“We are blocked in many projects”

Angel Perez Rosava, President of the Academy of Sciences of the Murcia Region, wanted to highlight in his speech the situation of young people who are looking for a place in institutions to continue their research career, and urged the government to put in place laws that support them in effective. Perez criticized: “When reading the proposed strategies and amendments to the law of science, the music seems to sound good, but unfortunately the words do not say anything that helps solve the real problems of researchers and solidify scientific activity.” Ruzafa, according to Orión Comunicación.

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“In Spain and in the region, there are a large number of great scientists and researchers, despite the lack of budget. But in order to use this potential, the investment strategies of our country, based on long periods of misery and opposition with the injection of several million dollars into situations about the crisis, They have to change radically,” advocated the ACCRM chairperson.

In addition, he criticized labor reform “which is full of generalities and contradictions and without concrete measures.” Perez-Rozafa insisted that “at the moment we are trapped in so many projects that the personal needs of the researcher cannot be covered through the black hole of labor reform and the law of science, and from which we probably will not be able to get out. Time passes, the results are jeopardized and funding will not be justified ” .

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