Pepe Aguilar dedicates whistle to his ‘haters’ in Plaza de Toros; ‘FIFA won’t let us here’ – El Financiero

Pepe Aguilar and his children Leonardo and Angela Aguilar They managed to fill up The monumental Plaza de Toros in Mexico City Rumor has it that they sold some tickets for their concert ‘Jaripeo sin fronteras’ due to their recent controversies in the previous weeks.

Daniel Pisogno, TV host of the show the window Azteca’s TV, Aguilar promised days before the concert They sold less than 15 percent of tickets. They were concerned with finding a solution to fill the Plaza de Toros and thought of paying homage.

“They tell me, reliable sources, how ticket sales are going and The truth is that it didn’t go so well. It is very small, A little over 10 percent”, commented the spokesperson.

Due to this, the ticket sales were not as expected on social media Apparently the Aguilar family’s reputation was in decline After Angela said she was 25 percent Argentinian or that people thought she could be involved in reggaeton, she was furious.

Pep Aguilar made the promise in an interview with Bisogno the window That “Cool” tickets are sold outI swear to God” and the public in Mexico City “has always responded.”

The Aguilars filled the Plaza de Toros and whistled the dedication

A few hours before his concert in Plaza de Toros Mexico, the translator of ‘Por mujeres como tú’ and ‘Por una mujer bonita’ shared on his Instagram account. His Concert ‘Jaribio Sin Fronteras’ was soldSo not a single ticket is for sale.

Monumental Plaza shared an aerial photo to confirm the completeness during the concert. It has a seating capacity of 42 thousand people. Ticket prices ranged from 308 paisa to 2,800 paisa.

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“Unforgettable night!!! Thank you so much. How awesome, CDMX. Great, great, great experience and energy at this show last night!!! Playing in Mexico City has always been a good challenge And tremendous commitment. But last night was very special. Playing in a place so full of history and so packed, the only thing I can say is thank you”, Pep Aguilar posted the next day.

Singer, songwriter, producer and businessman also sent “A Whistle Reminder To All You Haters” They criticized him and his family and promised that they would not fill the Plaza de Toros.

“We’re going to break the Guinness record for the Mexican whistle because FIFA won’t let us here, you know who that beautiful reminder we have in Mexico. That whistle goes to all the haters,” the singer said.

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