People like Largamon run Puebla, but not America: Adrian Chavez

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What is not needed to set foot in Copa? The harshest words in American mythology against Nicholas LargamonLiga MX Sensation Coach, as the weeks go by, will be the next head of the Azul Grimes regime, but doesn’t seem to believe much about a guy who fully knows American DNA.

We mention Adrian ChavezGoalkeeper for the Eagles between the 1980s and 1990s Largamon was considered “the coach of a club like Puebla” They dared to predict disaster if they named young Argentina the next strategist. Santiago sees this as the case of SolariThis Clausura was removed in 2022.

“It’s wrong to name him (Largamon in the United States) because the same thing will happen to Solari. Leading a team that can be led by people like him is not the same thingYoung people, with due respect, ”the former goalkeeper told the newspaper Registration.

That continued his argument The pressure on the eagles is not even on the strip in the distance He openly accused the advertisers of having interests in promoting the young Helmsman next to the capital.

“This team has no pressure, it has no press, it has no people, it’s not everyone. America is different, we were here We know what America is and no one can lead it“, He announced.

“I’m telling you they’ve advertisers (who want to put Largamon in the US), there’s something there,” he added.

The United States already has the opportunity for Largamon

In his daily passage Halfway through, Miguel Arisbe Said the Copa Club “He will do everything he can financially to hire Nicholas Largamon.” It will also pay for the dismissal of Puebla in its latest agreement.

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