“People have the right to protest”

(CNN in Spanish) – The Conference of Catholic Bishops of Cuba, in a statement on its website, stated that it defends the right to protest within the framework of the struggles experienced in recent days on the island.

“We understand that people have a right to express their needs, desires and beliefs, and in turn, to publicly express how seriously certain actions are being taken,” the statement said.

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The Conference of Bishops similarly expressed concern about the government’s response to popular protests. “At the moment, we as pastors are concerned that the responses to these claims are immovable, which contributes to continuing to give without solving problems.

The Conference of Bishops also called for listening to one another. “A positive solution cannot be achieved by imposing or calling for conflict, but rather by mutual listening, firm agreements are sought and concrete and decisive action is taken, without excluding the contribution of all Cubans.

Nonviolence and “The report concludes by adhering to the spirit of peace and listening, understanding and tolerance of good will, which takes into account and respects the other and together seeks ways of a just and adequate solution.”

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