Pega Liz Padilla with her “Son de Amores” dance

There are moments that the Internet never ceases to be amazed by the appearance of a person who captivates with his creativity and the Peruvian. Lisa Padilla Best exemplified by his dance performance to Spanish duo Andy and Lucas' “Son de Amores”.

Padilla, who is a resident of the San Martin department, showed off his choreography using a pop song released in 2003 that caught the attention of various users on TikTok. Many have also decided to follow in the unique footsteps of the Central American and make her a sensation with her new “challenge”.


Son Amores Tutorial 🥰💃 IG: lispadillaoficial

♬ Original Sound – Liz Padilla

Her momentary success led to several international media interviewing her, including an interview with the Telemundo television network, where the content creator revealed a bit about her roots and her love for dance.

“I am from the jungle, from the department of San Martin. I didn't think I would be influential, I danced for nothing. That day I posted it on Facebook and then shared it on Tiktok, where it went viral,” said the Peruvian on the TV show, highlighting that he joined social networks because of his 17-year-old daughter.

Padilla, a mother of four, promised to start making her mark on these platforms by uploading videos. Network light, but it was on TikTok that he really found the formula for success with his videos full of energy and originality. His intelligence and wit allowed him to amass more than three million followers.

The influencer also has the support of her husband Enrique, with whom she has been in a relationship for seven years. Her family's influence and support have been fundamental pillars on her path to social media stardom.

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