Paulo Quevedo reveals he's single and still in touch with Cristina Porta

Spanish Journalist Day Christina Porta Last June 13 he set foot on Puerto Rican soil to celebrate the “Four Seven” celebration. Maribili Rivera, surprised her with a flower arrangement in her hotel room for her birthday. Expert in game He shared the tender prize in the stories section of his account. instagram.

The story with Mora did not end well. As for Nieño, even though they settled their differences in Puerto Rico, the “Dona Gladys” singer was already aware of his relationship with Venezuela. Aleska Genesis. That is, neither of them sent flowers.

But yesterday, the big mystery may have been revealed. This, after the Mexican actor Paulo Quevedo She revealed her return to singledom in an interview with Telemundo.

“I'm single, I'm single, yes, now I'm more focused on projects, what's coming, what reality has left me, of course,” the “Juan Pablo” singer began. In Soap opera “Rent-a-Husband”.

Then came the confession that turned everything upside down. “Christina and I continue to talk, we are friends, I believe, truly, brought up there, we do not want to cover the sun with a finger, there was a very beautiful friendship and everything, apparently yes, there was a lot. Talk and many people expressed their opinion “He wanted to express his opinion, But we kept talking.”

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