Florida Mesa May Sue Sespirito’s Son’s Life Series

MEXICO CITY, August 12 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Florida Meza is ready to proceed legally if the series of her late husband Roberto Gómez Bolaños, known as Cespitito, continues its course until now without his consent.

His lawyer Guillermo Pous revealed this in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL after Warner Bros. announced that Discovery was preparing a few months ago. A series based on the comedian with support from his son Roberto Gomez Fernandez, He was with his previous wife Graciela Fernandez.

“There is no contractual status. If executed it would be an unauthorized biography,” he says.

Fernandez, a producer, inherited part of the film rights owned by his father, but the lawyer explains that in order to make a production based on his life, he must have the approval of everyone involved in the inheritance of the rights, including Mesa.

“Roberto Gómez Fernández is an accumulation of intellectual property rights related to the characters, but he does not own the likeness and biographical rights of Roberto Gómez Bolaños,” the lawyer says.

The 74-year-old actress has already sent a letter to Gómez Fernández seeking a meeting to seal the deal, but the director has not returned calls, she pointed out.

“He did not maintain contact with Ms. Mesa, had no intention of negotiating, and he withdrew,” she says.

The actress preferred not to divulge the details of this family feud It has stopped not only this project, but also the rebroadcasts of Cespirito’s programs on open television, such as El São del 8 and El Chapulin Colorado, which were withdrawn in August 2020.

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“In order to contemplate a biographical series, they must have obtained Ms. Mesa’s rights, otherwise, they are infringing image rights and using confidential personal information,” her lawyer argues.

This makes it clear that if Florinda decides to produce her own biographical series, she should also consider Roberto’s son, since she was not only his wife for a decade, but also his colleague in various shows.

“The life of Mr. Gómez Bolaños cannot be understood without Mrs. Meza, or vice versa, and we don’t know if he can stop the production at the moment, but if this arrangement happens he can take strong measures. That’s for sure”, noted Guillermo Boas.

Gómez Bolanos, who died in 2014, had 57 film and television productions as a screenwriter, 23 of which he was an actor in, while his pen name Cespirito had 22 entries.

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