Vandavision. Paul Pettani announced that he had not seen the incredible cameo

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There are only two episodes per series ‘Wandavision’ Coming to an end, so far the actor has not appeared in an important cameo advanced Paul Pettani, Who gives life View, I know this is shocking Luke Skywalker en ‘The Montalorian.

Although at one point it was thought to be a big surprise Evan Peters To Goodsilver It came out in X-Men movies, and in the end it wasn’t all about that character Marvel shakes up the cinematic universe At the beginning of its phase 4.

During the ‘Wandavision’ ad, Pettani gave a small sign On the basis that he may be removed if he makes a leak. Will be Mephistopheles, The most important demon in life Wanda Maximoff?

“The truth is, of all the characters we tried to keep secret, Many of them came out through leaks. Some of them are very accurate… but does it refer to Mephisto? I can’t talk about this now Because I worry about being fired“, He said in an interview Esquire.

However, if it’s about the devil, it’s not so shocking, because in comics The link is deeply addressed It is also known that the twins Tommy and Billy, the children of Wanda, were created with pieces of his soul.

Who is it?

In social networks, many theories have been made, some of which have pointed out that it may be Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), Although Pettani has already worked with him … Could it be magnetic? The question will be resolved in two weeks.

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There is a character that is not revealed. It’s so exciting. He was an actor I wanted to work with for the rest of my life. We have some awesome views The chemistry between us is extraordinary and I think the crackers are settled, ”he said.

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