Paulina Rubio: They Reveal Video of Susana Dozamontes Singing Her Daughter’s Popular Song “Mio”

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It’s been a week since the actress passed away Susana Dozamontes And signs of affection were not long in coming to his daughter Pauline Rubio, Before the irreparable loss of his mother, he shared his feelings through social networks.

The singer and her mother are truly inseparable and even Dozamondes left Mexico to be with her daughter and grandchildren. Andrea Nicholas and Eros, Well, she wanted to enjoy them as much as possible and even last year they both went to Paris to enjoy a family vacation.

Now internet users have shared a funny video through social networks in which the first actress can be seen Susana Dosamontes in a celebration that couldn’t pretend to be a fan of the “golden girl” anymore.


And that actress, Upon entering the party, she sang very confidently about herself “own”He danced sensibly to his famous daughter’s song, who attended the celebration. The actress looked very happy in the crowd.

The actress died of pancreatic cancer last weekend, and although she was treated at a Miami hospital, she couldn’t fight back. His remains will be flown to Mexico City as he arranged.

Here we share the video of actress Susana Dozamontes singing “Mio”:

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