Paulina Rubio reunites with her old love ‘White Card’

Paulina Rubio reunites with her childhood platonic love, ‘The White Sheet’ by Parsis. (Photo credit Jorge Gonzalez/Ipix Group/via Getty Images should read Future Publishing)

In 1982 Timbriche Banda was born with the name Timbriche. By then, Parsis was already established as a children’s group in Latin America and Latin America, including Mexico, with a significant fan base. The presence of a new group to compete for children’s audiences has sparked various rumours, Their respective members hate each other. Which is not true. Instead, the story of an innocent love between Paulina Rubio and David Munoz, ‘The White Card’ unfolded.

The debut of the Mexican band was a huge success. The media spoke of rivalry between the groups, fueling the conflict. Especially the animosity among its members. This information was false but was promoted by those who dealt with children’s advertising at the time.

“We didn’t have that malice from the managers, we became real friends. “The adults wanted us to compete, but we enjoyed it together.” Paulina Rubio made the comments during her visit to the Spanish program The music of your life Directed by Carlos Sobera.

The version that they hated each other was refuted by Televisa a few months after organizing a special program that brought Timbrich and Barchis together. This is how Mariana Garza, Paulina Rubio, Alix Bauer, Diego Schoening, Sasha Sokol and Benny Ibarra met Dino Fernandez, Yolanda Ventura, Gemma Pratt, David Muñoz and Oscar Ferrer. They lived together and sang together, including songs from both groups. In that conversation, Paulina Rubio and David Munoz fell in love. She is more to him than he is to her.

How well they loved each other and how they loved each other led them to promise each other the things children promise when they fall in love, namely to be together when they grow up, to make songs, to love each other well, to love each other beautifully. They lived a heartwarming love life as old as their age. It was temporary, brief, but had many shared dreams that the Mexican singer never forgot.

“White Token and I shared an imaginary love with the desire to grow up together and sing many songs. He is my best friend, “A Platonic Love We Lived With Great Excitement” Said in ‘The Golden Girl’ The music of your life.

Everything remained in illusions and childish words. They grew up and stopped seeing each other. However, the innocence of that relationship lingers in both their memories. They preserved among their memories the passage that held so much meaning in their childhood. David Munoz also remembers that episode in their lives.

The product arrangement is a surprise The music of your life, Show staff showed up to help the ‘The White Chip’ singer with a problem with her microphone. This will be the reunion of the duo after almost 40 years without seeing each other.

“We used to live 500 meters away and I used to sneak over to his house when we were 11. I even stayed once. “We haven’t seen each other since the eighties.” Munoz said. “I don’t believe you, but how beautiful! Beautiful! How strong! “I haven’t seen you for years!” Rubio expressed surprise.

A recreation of them hugging each other as children An emotional moment that for many viewers revealed a tender story of an innocent love It was between a member of the Parsis and a member of Timbriche, two bands that never gave up on each other in childhood. At 52, they fondly recall what was once their dream.

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