Patsy Pepping, the ‘Mexican Kim Basinger’ never wanted to use her charms

It happens to all of us that we react with surprise when we see a familiar face from the cinema again after many years. The surprise is more when we realize that time has not passed for that person. In other words, it seems the clock has stopped for his cause, or is making an eternal pact with youth.

Patsy Pepping was one of the young female figures to stand out in popular action cinema in Mexico. (Photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage) (Victor Chavez via Getty Images)

Such is the case of Patsy Pepping, the ‘Mexican Kim Basinger’ who created a new female profile in action films in the 80s and now. His mother is played by Gloria Ruiz Gloria Trevi Cont They are me, By ViX.

If you cast your memory back 35 years, you may remember her as a young woman who starred alongside famous action figures such as Alvaro Germano, Sergio Gori, Fernando Almada, Miguel Angel Rodriguez and Edgardo. Gascon. He shared the credits with Vicente Fernandez.

In contrast to other female stars of the time, Patsy was distinguished by her image and her modesty in her characters. Although she is associated with Kim Basinger due to her blonde hair, skin tone and physique, she does not play sensual or sensual roles. He was simply identified as such by his physical characteristics.

While blonde actresses such as Angelica Chain, Felicia Mercado and Roxana Chavez stood out in popular cinema, Patsy caught the attention of producers for her quirky personality. The freshness of its profile was innovative enough to capture young audiences not yet fully engaged with titles that had reached theaters; The Rising Generation was predicted to be a box office magnet.

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While it’s true that Patsy is attracted to her beauty, so are the women she plays The Golden Hunk (1986), A legacy of brave men (1986), Devil, Saint and Fool (1987), Law of the streets (1989) and MI will take revenge (1990), characterized by non-resourcefulness of body displays. In her case, the outfits are long dresses, jeans and leather jackets. And it speaks to what she wants to convey: to show herself as an actress without distracting the viewer with her image.

Another feature of her participation in cinema is that she played noble women, loving with their partners and loyal to their values. She broke out of the mold where other stars played heroines or criminals. Her choice to be a good girl in movies is a way to balance out her misdeeds Along with the soap opera villain Years go by (1985), Secret passage (1986) and Poor Miss Limandour (1987)

His career in film, television and music was booming. Yes, her talent extended to singing with the release of two albums Unfortunately it did not meet the expected success. However, despite that episode of misfortune, she established herself as one of the most accomplished actresses of her era. But at the peak of his career, he disappeared.

He stopped appearing on screen throughout the 90s. Apart from a small participation in the film where she shows herself in a bikini Holy confusion (1995), did nothing else.

What happened? Nothing terrible. On the contrary, quite the opposite. He dedicated himself to fulfilling a dream. which Becoming a mother and starting a family. Has three sons.

In 2000 she returned to television with the soap opera You are my future. Since then he has had an active but erratic career as there are considerable periods when he is not seen in films. Now she is back with the series Gloria Trevi, Patsy reconnects with those audiences thanks to her roles in action films and soap opera villains.

At 60 he shows that age is just a number. She has the ability to play evil or other characters far from the clichés for girls her age.

Will the cinema reopen? It will be interesting to see how the reinvention of ‘Mexican Kim Basinger’ fares on the big screen almost 40 years later.

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