Patricia Manderola explains how to wear a bikini after 50

Patricia Manderola is a Mexican actress, TV presenter and singer, who is characterized by having an extensive career in the world of entertainment, and which has led to the affection of not only Mexicans but also all other audiences in Latin America. Beyond her talent, the 51-year-old model shared a video in which she flaunts her curves. Trikini It is suitable for all girls of her age and that is why it keeps stealing hearts.

Days are not getting better Patricia Manterola And she was bedridden due to ill health. In this regard, the Mexican actress confirmed that due to severe back pain, she could not get up for more than three days and had to take medication to control the pain. Once she got over that health issue, she was active again.

Full name of the Mexican artist Bertha Patricia Manderola Carrion He started in show business when he was 12 years old. Later, she was an advertising model and allowed her to join the group 'Garibaldi' which toured Latin America and America. Recently, she has been responsible for shows like 'Married at First Sight' and 'Secretos de los Indomables'.

Beyond his talent for music and television, Patricia Manderola She has more than a million followers on her Instagram account and has confirmed that she is one of the most beautiful women ever, so she shared a very provocative and risqué video in which she created a sensation. 51-year-old driver A Trikini And shot from a certain angle, she showed off her forward traits.

It's not all at once Patricia Manderola She stole all the attention and the Mexican TV presenter and singer is very active on social networks, sharing all kinds of content to confirm her beauty, from tight dresses and other swimwear.

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Patricia Manderola confirms her beauty. Source Instagram @patriciamanterola

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