Patch Notes kicks off “Summer of Sims” The Sims 4 update 1.42

What is new? 

Additional options for bed placing.

You played Bunk Beds, and you played with them. But you may now play more with them! Many now put More things may now be put beneath a Top Bunk: Twin Beds, Dressers, Desks, Living Chairs, or loveseats – all fit and work as you might anticipate. You may also modify things by moving some of them to the Top Bunk bunk. Two approaches may be used to orient dressers, desks, and single-bed beds! Whether you save room or sleep three Sims, the bed is more flexible than ever before.

Likes and Dislikes can have Sims now!

You may now declare whether your Sims like or dislike specific Colors, music genres, or activities in building a Sim close to the Traits molecule in our first sweep of Like and Dislike categories introduced to the Base Game. Any Sim, kid, and older may now have as much as 20 Likes or Dislikes that may spread throughout the various categories individually. Your tastes and where these preferences are concentrated are up to you! And that’s all right, parents, if you don’t like Kids Radio, you can admit it.

In the Sim Info Panel, see the Living Mode for your Sims’ particular Likes and Dislikes. It will show these likes and dislikes during gameplay in several subtle ways. Sims tend to avoid activities that they dislike – or perform the very least – unless prompted. For example, if you despise cooking, you will only receive fast food, and you will typically not play games on your phone if you dislike video games. When it comes to activities that they don’t enjoy, Sim’s negative tense debuffs and contextual interactions will unlock to complain to other Sims about the move.

On the other hand, Sims usually wants to carry out activities independently and also gets an additional mood boost from completing these things. Hearing Music will give them either excellent or negative buffs and eventually lead them to do what I like to call “The Frowny Dance.” Listening to Music. Because created Likes and Dislikes to be an integral component of your Sims’ personality, Sims can also face discovery moments during games. You will get a prompt request if they are conducting an activity in a specific mood, whether you would like to add this activity to their list of things you love or dislike.

New Hair Color

We added six additional hair colors to build a SIM, as you undoubtedly saw in earlier SIM 411 <giggles uncomfortably> to customize your SIMs. I might talk about it, and I would like to offer you the names, but I would instead show you! I can’t tell my hairdresser… I’m not reluctant to dye my hair dark yet again!

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