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Since Telemundo confirmed the completion of the second season , Fans have seen the soap opera with more current than ever in recent weeks. Many would especially like to know if the main cast of the original cast, such as Danna Garcia, Mario Cimaro, Paola Ray, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Natasha Glass and Michael Brown, will return to the screen.

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Undoubtedly the best story written by Julio Jimenez has become even more popular over time and it is still in practice almost two decades after its premiere. Re-exchanges of They have been successful on TV and Netflix has confirmed that its arrival continues to be one of the favorite soap operas not only with its original audience, but also with the new generation.

As the details of the sequel to the story between the Reyes brothers and Elizondo are being refined, many fans and the media have had the opportunity to revisit the lives of some of the actors and actresses who participated in the soap opera. The characters that are remembered in the series and not much is known about it today. This is the situation of actress Clemencia Gillan, who gave life to Carmela Cordillo . What happened to her? Here we tell you.

“Passion de Cavillions” premiered on Telemundo on October 21, 2003. (Photo: Telemundo)

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“Passion de Cavillions”: What happened to the act that created La Villana Carmela Cordillo?

Clemensia Gillan played Carmela Cordillo, the villain and servant of Fernando Escondon. . Thanks to Delanovela’s success, the actress became well known in Colombia and many Latin American countries.

The actress began her acting career in the 1980s, appearing on Colombian television shows such as “El Cristo Tech” and comedy series such as “Romai Pussetta”. However, it was not until the 90s that the actress gained more prominence.

Clemensia gillan participated in soap operas such as “Yo Amo a Bacquida Galego” written by Julio Jimenez, and played his first major role as a villain with Dora de Sabada. Thanks to this product, the actress began to gain recognition on the small screen in her country.

Clemensia killer Carmela Cordillo, evil villain and servant of Fernando Escondon
Clemensia Gillan starred as Carmela Cordillo, the villain and servant of Fernando Escondon in “Passion de Cavilance”. (Photo: Telemundo)

He was then part of the cast of “Dentaciones” in 1998, where he played the evil mother-in-law Rosario Padagiva de Rodriguez, although his memorable role was to come with “Passion de Cavillions” the following year, where he played Fernando Escondon’s villain and maid.

Many years later, in 2004, Clemensia will be starring in her last television production, “Mesa Para Dress”, a Delanovela produced by Caracol and starring Hector Aradonto, Diego Gadavit and Carolina Aristotle.

In this production, Clemencia Gillan played the sister of “Justo” and the aunt of “Violeta”. After this project, the Colombian actress will no longer be a part of any other Delanovela because she retired permanently from the screen.

At present, not much is known about this loving translator because he practically followed her. However, he will always be remembered for his outstanding role in the film “Passion de Cavillions” and his ability to portray enemies and villains in soap operas.

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