Parque Principado plans to have twelve new businesses in the space that Aerosky Hypermarket is leaving for free.

Parque Principado is negotiating with dozens of companies not currently located in Asturias that are expected to settle in the large shopping center of Paredes (Siero), specifically, in the space vacated by Eroski, which closed months ago, in April. A process that will mean, in addition, the creation of “up to three times as many jobs as there are in a hypermarket,” which totaled about forty jobs at the time the business closed.

This was stated yesterday in charge of the shopping center, Fernando Garcia, after the meeting he had with the mayor of Sirenci, Angel Garcia, at the Cerro City Council, to discuss various issues related to the center and its surroundings.

The plan to relaunch the empty space now envisages the arrival of “dozens of companies that are not in Asturias, among them fashion and home, which will require a lot of employees”, and for which there are “very advanced negotiations to fill in every space”. Moreover, expectations are that these new stores may be operational by next summer, as it is estimated that commercialization of the space may actually begin at the end of this year.

The intention of the current managers of Paredes Shopping Center is to give a new air to the west wing of the complex, with a global intervention that includes the demolition of the old Eroski space and the adaptation of the new commercial buildings, with the expansion of the main corridor and an integrated change of the facade, so that “continuity is given to the entire building,” says Garcia.

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The global intervention in this space, inside and out, will amount to 7.4 million euros, and will work on an area of ​​13,453 square meters to redistribute the space liberated after the demolition of the old hypermarket. New stores will be renovated in this spacious building, and it is also expected that businesses already in the corridor of this pavilion will repair their facades to achieve greater capacity that will facilitate the transit of buyers. The main change from the outside will be the intervention on the old front part of the Eroski, with many paintings and decorative elements in height, adapting to the aesthetic change already implemented in other parts of the Paredes complex.

Work in this regard is progressing “at a good pace” and “we have many ideas for this area of ​​the center,” the director adds, before noting that agreements with brands are continuing to progress and that there will be soon. To be good results, both in terms of filling the available space as creating jobs.

Fernando García and the Mayor of Cerro, Angel Garcia, also agreed yesterday a cooperation agreement for the complete renovation of the sewage complex carried out in his day near the commercial area, which has since been in a “legal impasse” and this has many shortcomings.

collector and sanitation

The work will cost 185,000 euros, and will also affect the sewage renovation of some thirty private homes in the Les Folgueres region.

The agreement between Consistory, Parque Principado and Ikea will be executed, and the cost of the project, which is currently being drafted by an engineering firm, is to be apportioned to the three entities, with Parque Principado assuming 65.66 percent of it, IKEA 19.67 percent and Siro City Council 14.67 the remaining percent. Once approved, Konstry will be responsible for contracting the works and will take over the technical direction of the works.

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These will operate Monday through Thursday during daylight hours, except for the periods between November 15 and January 15, from March 31 to April 15 and from June 30 to July 15. In addition to these actions, there are planned works on Ikea Road that will be carried out outside working hours.

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