Parking spaces will be reduced in the capital’s downtown area

After enabling no-parking places on the north-south streets at the intersection with Avenida 3 de Abril, they will seek to apply the measure to streets that are entrances from this road into the downtown area to speed up traffic.

The initiative, which has been implemented since August, will also be implemented on the streets of San Lorenzo, Santa Fe, Cordoba, San Juan, Salta, Tucumán and Entre Ríos, between Rivadavia and Avenida 3 de Abril, on the streets entering the city center. Regarding this decision, the municipality has not been informed from when the action will be taken.

“We are working, just as we have gone down all the streets that go from north to south like Cordoba, San Juan or Salta, which we prohibit not to park until the traffic speeds up more now, we will also implement those that generate income from the road to the small center” , as noted by Juan Asinas, Undersecretary of the Municipal Ministry of Public Transport and Road Safety.

The decision was made due to the fact that in the last 100 meters there were traffic jams and problems with crossing towards the Belgrano Pass, which forced many drivers to wait for three traffic lights that generated up to 200 meters of queues.

On the other hand, he talked about city planning that has grown in strength over the years and has caused setbacks in car traffic.

“There are streets that end in the middle of a house when we move away a little bit from the four roads. So, we work a lot with the urban development area and work from the point of view of road safety and we seek measures to mitigate this situation, but we find ourselves with an old city that is concentrated in services and public administration That makes a large group of the city come to the small center,” Asinas said.

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“We calculate that 50% of the population ends up moving to the center at some point in the day, and that means the streets are saturated, there is no parking, and the potential for friction in accidents is greater, so I think with LT7 Radio that the land-use planning plan What this administration has implemented will be reflected in the coming years, but what happens now we have to deal with today.”

In this sense, he insisted, the measures taken in connection with traffic changes in some avenues or the cancellation of turns on some streets, are palliative and will not solve 100% of the inconvenience in the city. “Eliminating the turn we made on the roads of Independence and Las Piedras, we’ve been evaluating for several months, and when we did, it was a month in which two people died. And I’m sorry I didn’t take it sooner, considering the amount of time it’s been tested. After the change, and on Despite the fact that many of the motorbikes were still trying to turn for some time, we had no accidents for six months. Which is no exaggeration, not because there was so little… there was none.”

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