Pappu Gomes breaks silence after two years of clearance after testing positive

It leaked this week Alejandro ‘El Pappu’ Gomez In November 2022, he tested positive in an anti-doping test Seville And he was preparing to compete in the World Cup in Qatar Argentina.

This message has been confirmed MonzaHis current team in Italy opened the doors to a return to Serie A, with the footballer considering his retirement due to the episode ending his contract with the Spanish firm.

Now it belongs to him ‘Papuan’ He spoke through his Instagram account to clarify the entire controversial situation. The player insists he accidentally took the children’s cough medicine Terbutaline He has a two-year permit, but he is leaving this in the hands of his lawyers.

Official statement from Babu Gomes

“Consequent to the recent press release about me regarding a possible regulatory violation in anti-doping matters, I hereby inform the media and public of the following:

1) Firstly, I confirm that yesterday I was notified of the resolution of the Anti-Doping Committee of the Spanish Commission against Doping in Sport. Agreed..

2) Not only have I always strictly complied with all regulations, but I have positioned myself as a strong defender of clean sports and sportsmanship, categorically condemning and rejecting all forms of doping.

3) I have never resorted to or intend to use any prohibited practice.

4) By wrongly, accidentally, spontaneously and unintentionally receiving a spoonful of syrup to relieve the cough of my little son, causing the alleged violation of terbutaline in my body. However, it is worth noting that the therapeutic use of Terbutaline in professional athletes is allowed and in no case does it improve sports performance in football.

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5) Without going into substantive issues, I have placed the matter in the hands of my lawyers considering that the processing of the regulatory file may not have been carried out as per regulatory provisions.

6) Finally, I would like to thank all the expressions of affection and support received during these difficult moments on a professional level.

With love, Pappu.”

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