Pacheco has complained about JetBlue’s “abuses” and will recommend the government revoke his license.

Alfredo Pacheco, Speaker of the House of Representatives, criticized JetBlue for its conduct and “Abuses” against Dominicans Travelers in this company.

Last Saturday, during a commercial flight to Puerto Rico, he asked the Dominican government to revoke his license because of the inconvenience he experienced with the airline and the abuse he observed against Dominicans only.

“The abusers, the way they treat the Dominicans, it’s something terrible,” Pacheco began her story, adding that she had to attend a show. Operation in Puerto Rico, They sent him a ticket with a flight at 2:00 pm and the flight took off at 5:30.

Before his late departure, the plane changed departure gates five times, the plane was in “very poor condition”, the treatment was “terrible”, and the staff did not speak Spanish.

“They took us like sheep and cattle, and then with great rudeness towards the passengers,” he asserted.

However, the situation was not one-way, as on the way back Pacheco commented that he had a problem again, so he did not show up when he first arrived at the airport. An online registration When he wanted to do it manually, he and the Dominican crew were told that the flight had been cancelled.

As he said, the airline, instead of finding a solution together, gave each passenger a different date to arrive in the Dominican Republic, but in Pacheco’s case they made an “exception” by placing a flight at 6:50 on Tuesday. morning.

“Finally, we reached a solution by talking to a company in the country, which received us very kindly A plane for many people, A man with the last name of Krulon, who is the legal advisor of the Executive Branch, a star and high ranking military officers were also waiting at the airport… We finally arrived in the country at 2:00 am. That company,” commented Pacheco.

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As to what happened, Pacheco responded against the airline and made a public request to the Dominican government.

“Because of what’s happening to Dominicans, I’m recommending to the Dominican government to revoke JetBlue’s license. I look at 6 or 7 hours and there’s a problem. Dominican Republic. A large number of Dominican men and women are struggling, you’ve heard it, so have I, but it was only when I experienced it that I realized what was going on with this airline,” Pacheco said.

The delegates defended the “abuses”.

Apart from the Speaker of the House of Representatives, several foreign legislators agreed with Pacheco’s revelations and called for sanctions against the airline.

Reps. Norberto Rodriguez, Ramon Ceballos and Adelise Olivares commented that they too. Victims of problems with JetBlue And thousands of Dominicans experience the same vicissitudes with the company.

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