Pace responds to the fans’ poo by putting his thumb down

NEW YORK – Javier Bees and his New York Mets team happily turned the excitement around this weekend and then gave hope to their own fans.

Pace scored a home run Sunday as he traveled 44 feet 9-4 over the Washington Nationals. After the game, the Puerto Rican infielder said the Mets players had lowered their thumbs in response to the fans who provoked the team into oblivion in August.

“When things go wrong, they provoke us,” Beas said. “So they get angry when we do well.”

Mets President Sandy Alderson regretted those reports and signals.

“These comments and any actions taken by you or other players with similar intent are completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” Alderson said in a statement.

“Fans are disappointed with the team’s recent performance. The players and organizations are disappointed, but the fans on City Field have every right to express their own disappointment. Booking is a right for all amateurs.”

The Mats 8-19, moving from first to third in the National League East, are seven games behind leading Atlanta Braves.

Pace, his teammate and friend Francisco Lindor and Kevin Pillar gave the thumbs up Sunday.

Pace, who hit 220 in 22 batters after being acquired in a trade with the Chicago Cubs on July 30, hit.210, said Boo was not upset but discouraged.

“I love the fans so much and love to play for the fans,” Pace said. “But we can’t keep the fans against it.”

“I don’t think it was intended to carry over to the fans,” Rojas said. “We want to win for the team. We want to win for ourselves, our bosses, our boss, our fans. That’s our focus.”

Rojas added that Bass’ reaction may have been in line with the first trade of his career. Lindor and Pillar, who signed on for a 10-year extension before making their debut with the Mets, are also serving their first seasons in New York.

On Sunday, Lindor forced a ball and drove two runs with double runs, while Jonathan Wheeler added a home run.

The Mets won two of the first three matches and won a series after beating the same Nationals in three games between August 10-12.

Josh Bell scored a pair of home runs for Washington and Juan Soto also went missing. Only three wins for the Nationals in that game.

Lindore set the tone for the Mets by dancing to third on the first inning and forced from Eric Fed (6-9). This is Washington’s first season, and the first time the Mets have hit a ball against the Nationals since March 30, 2019.

Pace increased his lead for the Mets to 3-2 with his 444-foot, two runs in the fourth inning. Wheeler added Homer two runs in sixth, three and one singles, and three hits.

Venezuela’s Alkidis Escobar went 4-0 and ended their 10-match series.

For the Nationals, Dominicans Juan Choto scored 2-1 and an RBI, and Vector Robles 1-0. Venezuela Escobar 4-0. Cuban Ideal Hernandez 3-0.

As for the Mets, Jonathan Willer is 5-3 and three runs and two RBI. Puerto Ricans Lindor 5-1 and two RBI.

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