Pablo Montero is proud of the gentle gift he received from one of his daughters

As every father is proud of his children, so is the singer Pablo Montero He usually shares with his followers every achievement of his descendants and the happy moments he spends with each of them.

But in this case, the actor also touched it Social media By showing the gift His daughter Danny Created him. The girl gave her father a card she had made herself, with which she showed him how much she loved him.

Montero posted a video on his social media where you can see the exact moment when the little girl gave him the letter and was surprised: “It’s a heart that can be done by one or two. I did it in a classroom.”, The woman is heard to say. Immediately Pablo asked her who the gift was, to which she replied that she had done it Especially for him.

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The singer’s daughter also gave him a heart-shaped brooch adorned with some jewels so he could use it as an ornament, which was also made with his own hands.

“Thank you for my love, this heart of many colors is beautiful. I’m going to keep this ”, Montero responds very kindly to the little girl and ends the record by saying how much he loves her: “Thanks to my heart, I love you.”

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