Municipalista Space wants to promote the participation of passers-by in the shelter

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LThe Sectorial Commission of Passers-by will finally meet this Monday, after the municipal formation has been claiming it since May, first in Commission and then in Plenary.

Both the Regulatory Ordinance of the Service and the Internal Regulations of the Shelter include different forms of participation of the users of the pedestrian shelter and that is why Espacio Municipalista has requested in writing to the Department of Social Services that participation in the Commission be promoted Sectorial of Passers-by, promoting the assistance of people who use the service to this body, as established.

Among the issues to be dealt with in this constitutive session of the Passers-by Commission is the presentation of the Municipal Service, as well as a Report on its Operation.

At that point on the agenda, Espacio Municipalista will request that the information about the “participation of service users” be expanded, regulated in the ordinance, and which establishes that “two suggestion and complaint boxes will be available to users. “, and that they may also formulate them verbally. They will ask for a copy of any applications that may have been received.

Espacio Municipalista considers it important that the regulatory purposes of the Sectorial Commission of Passers-by are fulfilled, among which are “to guarantee the right of participation of users” by studying the “suggestions and complaints that have been made through the mailbox” , to be able to give it the timely processing after “assessing the adoption of appropriate measures and improvements”, as established by the ordinances.

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