Ortega did not respond to OAS headquarters and asked Almacro to extend the period

The Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS) Luis Almagro on Friday briefed the head of the organization’s permanent council, Josué Fiallo, on his diplomatic efforts to allow the rule of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. Entry into a high-level mission to the country.

The task was handed over to Almacro by a resolution of the OAS Permanent Council on December 8. However, Almacro said in a statement that he had not received any response from the Ordega Murillo regime and demanded an extension.

“It simply came to our notice then. President, I, through you, inform the Permanent Council that we have taken the steps entrusted to us in a responsible manner to obtain the results requested in Resolution 1118 (2355/21). December 8, 2021 ”, the letter says.

“In the absence of a definite response on this matter at the time of sending this information, I understand that it would be appropriate and convenient to extend the deadline of December 17th, taking into account the political situation and current dates. Basically, if there is an agreement of the leadership committee, you understand to implement it, ”said Almagro.

The press consulted with political analysts and experts about the delay in announcing the outcome of these efforts, and the OAS general secretary did not speak until early this Friday night, and they predict that these measures could be almagro. No positive results were found.

“I think we know until too late (what happened), but the most probable thing is that he made futile attempts and excuses the OAS,” said Manuel Orosco, a political scientist and analyst at the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington.

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Pedro Fonseka, an internationalist and political analyst, agreed with Orosko: “I do not think there is any progress. The secretary should show it in his statement because that too is part of the record.”

Is Ortega ignoring the government or not?

On December 8, the Permanent Council of OAS Resolution confirming that Nicaragua is violating its obligations to the Constitution by abstaining from 25 votes in favor, one and eight votes against It called on the regime to accept a top-level mission to help implement inter-American and comprehensive electoral reforms.

Carlos Murillo Zamora, a professor of international law, issues of integration and the University of Costa Rica (UCR), said before Almagro’s letter was known that he could seek some kind of extension, and that “there is no alternative to the existing Nicaragua case” because the dictatorship has been strengthened.

“If you look at the regime’s perspective, Ordega does not have to negotiate. On January 10, he will argue that he was elected and that he will capture a new term in the election, which he acknowledges is valid, although not recognized by the other international community,” Murillo Zamora said.

Fonseka pointed out that if Ortega’s response was negative, he would decide how to proceed with the event if he closed the measures taken by the Permanent Council. They decide to make the most drastic decision at once.

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Fonseka argued that “although the Ordega government has already decided to resign from the Inter-American Organization, this resignation has not yet borne fruit, so the contents of the Democratic Charter are still valid, which means that the OAS can still suspend Nicaragua.” .

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Murillo Zamora argues that “what happens before January 10, 2022 is not very relevant, but what Latin American governments will do from the date they have to boycott the government (Ortega).”

He reiterated, “So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

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