Ortega Cano will have his place in the Municipal Museum of San Sebastian de los Reyes – Bullfighting

the San Sebastián de los Reyes City Council defended it Create a room in honor of the bullfighter Jose Ortega Cano in that El Caserón Municipal Ethnographic Museumreferring to the fact that the city has a “great bullfighting tradition” and that the matador is in itClosely associated with this municipalitywho is her neighbor.

This is how the deputy mayor and advisor to Festejos explained it to Efe, Miguel Angel Martin Berdigueroquien ha insistido en que dedicar un museo a Ortega Cano se aprobó en el pleno “hace años” y defiende que San Sebastián de los Reyes tiene un carácter marcadamente taurino y que este torero “es vecino y live la pasión por los toros como todo village “.

On the other hand, he agreed that there would be neighbors who did not share the decision to allocate him a museum room and that he would be a herald of the festivities, which officially begin on Thursday, but he understands that “These people must accept the general situation“.

In addition to the residents and animal supporters (who have submitted more than 50,000 signatures against this museum and a declaration by Ortega Cano), the Podemos and Io parties showed their rejection of both initiatives.

After all, Consistory details in a statement that Ortega Cano “will be the hero of the patron saint’s festivities” From San Sebastián Martírre, to deliver the inaugural speech next Thursday at 8:00 pm, after which he will open the hall that honors him in the El Caserón Museum, in the same town square where he will deliver the speech.

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They argue that the museum wasDeeply remodeledIt has an area of ​​600 square meters, of which 160 square meters have been renovated into a house Costumes, photographs, awards, paintings, engravings and sculptures And many other things for this bullfighter and other fighting characters.

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