Elizabeth Alvarez reappears and delivers an announcement

  • Elizabeth Alvarez took a break from acting after her latest project.
  • George Salinas’ wife reappears and issues an announcement to her followers.
  • Elizabeth also posted a photo that sparked reactions.

The actress took a few days off from social media after sharing how she got 2023 as a family and what she’s been up to since her latest project.

Through his profile on Instagram, Elizabeth Alvarez reappears with a message In which he said, “I’m back after a few days off”, He started writing.

After returning to star in the telenovela ‘La Herencia’ with Michel Renaud and Mathias Novoa, she said in her message that she has a lot of work ahead of her this new year, so she will continue her work as an actress, “Recharged the batteries to work really hard with everything this coming year, so with all the spirit, to work”This is the announcement given by the actress.

With the photo showing her determination to continue her work this 2023, netizens commented to her, “Keep your head up because you’re a beautiful girl”, “Girl, don’t let yourself fall” and “Beautiful”. , this will be a successful year for you”.

Elizabeth Alvarez reappears and makes an announcement on social networks
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