Ortega appoints Army Colonel as Cuba’s ambassador, extends his tenure to 11 days

La Gaceta, Reynaldo del Carmen Lacayo Centeno was appointed ambassador to Cuba this Tuesday, the official journal of the 205-2021 Presidential Agreement. The appointment comes a day after news of the sacking of Siddhartha Marin, who had been in charge of the Nicaraguan embassy on the island for 11 days, was published by the same media.

“Name Comrade Renaulto del Carmen Lagayo Senteno, who holds the position of Extraordinary Ambassador.
And the full authority of the Republic of Nicaragua before the government of the Republic of Cuba, based on the city
From Havana, ”the agreement says.

Lacayo was promoted to the rank of Colonel in 2013 at the 34th anniversary of the founding of the Army. He later served as military coordinator in Mexico.

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On April 21, 2016, Ordega rescinded the appointment of Infantry Colonel (DEM), Ronaldo del Carmen Lagayo Senteno as Defense, Army, Navy and Air Coordinator at the Embassy of the Republic of Nicaragua by Presidential Agreement 88-2016. Government of the United States of America “, published in La Gaceta.

The pioneer was in office for 11 days

Presidential Agreement No. published in La Gaceta, Ortega, this Monday, December 6th. By 204-2021, the recent appointment of Siddhartha Francisco Marin Aras as Nicaragua’s extraordinary and full ambassador to Cuba was rescinded. That position is only 11 days. He was appointed on November 24, and Ortega fired Louis Cabrera Gonzalez, who had held the post for 14 years.

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According to the website of the Society of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), Marin is still recognized as the Advisory Minister for Presidential Policies and International Affairs, and he was appointed to this position in August 2018.

Changes in Nicaragua’s representation in Cuba took place shortly after the Ordega regime’s decision. “Free visa” for Cuban citizens, According to a statement from the Interior Ministry, “for the purpose of promoting trade, tourism and humanitarian family ties.”

On the other hand, the new Cuban ambassador to Nicaragua Jorge Luis Mayo Fernandez presented copies of the letters of intent to the regime’s president, Denis Moncata Collindres, on Monday, according to official 19 Digital Media.

As of this Monday, Moncada said Mayo Fernandez is beginning his mission as Cuba’s ambassador to Nicaragua.

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