Orinson Amaya steps down as marathon chairman, meditates on Salomon Nasser’s future


He Marathon Sports Club Again he was on the verge of qualifying for the finals, but on this occasion he lost in the semi-finals. Motagua 4-3 on aggregate.

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This Saturday at the Yankel Rosenthal Stadium, the Greens were tied 2-2 and a goal away from the final, so the sadness at the champion club was palpable and one of those who showed their frustration. Orinson AmiyaPurslane is the leader of the team.

Given to the journalist in the post-game statements America NavarreteSupreme Leader Marathon He announced that he was considering stepping down from the presidency and explained his reasons. Additionally, it called into question the strategist’s continuity. Solomon Nasser.

Feelings after removal

“It’s a bit sad, we didn’t expect this, but this is football and unfortunately we didn’t achieve our aim moving forward.”

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Pain after resection

“It’s painful for all the fans who have supported us, for all the work that’s been done, we’re very hurt by this situation. But we have a base of players and we’re going to see what happens in the coming weeks to continue rebuilding the squad for the next tournament.

The future of Solomon Nasser

“It’s very difficult to make a decision in the heat of the moment and we’re going to meet with the board of directors and see what they decide.”

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The Covenant of Solomon Nasser

“His contract effectively expired today. “Now we’re going to wait to see what happens and meet him to make a decision.”

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Consider stepping down as Marathon President

“We don’t deserve to be kicked out because of all the work that has been done, it hurts me more for all these fans, they deserve a lot of happiness. Personally, I devote a lot of time to this company, but I don’t know, sometimes I think it’s true that I’m on the sidelines. When the results don’t come, It’s hard to keep fighting and if I can’t achieve it, I don’t know if it will be me. It’s complicated.

“We are very affected. Let’s think about what we’ll do, whether I continue or not, the truth is, I still have three years left in my presidency, but I feel tired, very tired, and I’m going to talk to my family about it.

His possible resignation result

“I never gave up. “From the time I made the team till now, I remember wanting to step aside, but I don’t want to make a premature decision, I want to talk to my family,” he said.

“It’s difficult, now I’m sensitive. We’ve been doing a job with long hours, so everything for the players, a good hotel, a good campus and it’s disappointing not to achieve our objectives, today I feel tired.

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Economic situation of Marathon

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“The team is on an updated payroll. This club has never been like this in its history and Marathon is now good news and not bad. All that hard work and effort, risking my property and many things, risking my companies and devoting these hours to the team and not achieving the goal, I feel very pained.

“I have to think very carefully about the decision I’m going to make, the truth is, I’m not feeling well right now. I can’t let these opportunities go, and I’m very sad because the fans really don’t deserve this.”

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