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Fun and participation, both for the audience and for volunteers, are the keys that have been dealt with V Open Science of Cambre co-directors, Candela Meyer and Moraima Núñez, To organize the appointment, already consolidated, in what will be its longest version. It will take place at the end of next week, from the sixteenth to the eighteenth, and its senior directors, already in the countdown, assure that its direction presupposes, in addition to enthusiasm, important effort and responsibility that entails great learning and the merit of claiming forever.

Welcoming young researchers who arrive from abroad to stay in Cambris homes will start, on Friday, with a show that aims to be “something dynamic and interesting,” he said. Mayer2nd year student Psychology in Santiago. “The only thing different about this year is that we focus on people who come to have a good time, especially because of the volunteers,” says the most veteran filmmaker, who assures she is “very excited” about her position. He explains that his acceptance of this role and his relationship with open science, Even outside of high school, they are largely due to the professor who promoted his science club, XentD100cia, and the exhibition itself. “had to vineyards [José Manuel]who always encouraged us to do many things, took us everywhere and encouraged us”, emphasizes Mayer.

“We try to make everything very interactive, so people can be as engaged and dynamic as possible, not just see the wings and projects,” he explains. Nunez, a second-year baccalaureate student in the social sciences branch. It is also advancing this year that they will reclaim the “hut”, the space for round tables, seminars or talks with scientists that was abandoned in recent editions due to the pandemic.

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Those responsible for the effect coincide with the playful nature of the show for all audiences, along with their educating desire. “What I really love about this gallery is that it is very dynamic and has things for all kinds of people and ages. A five-year-old can go and have a good time and older people can go and they will also have things to see,” he confirms. Nunes. “We try not to see it as an exhibition of mathematics and things that we understand as science. There is a little bit of everything.” Mayer.

They say that learning and experience add to the personal and immediate enjoyment. “It’s something I can put on my resume and it stays on my file,” he says. Mayer“Organizing something this big is something that stays with me as a lifelong experience. It adds skills: cooperation, cooperation with others, patience… many things,” he says. Mayer. Nunes He agrees: “You learn to deal with people, because you deal with everything from young children to teachers, people from board…many kinds of workers, because you have to know how to deal with many kinds of people.”

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