Henry Martin thought of playing with Chivas Mediotimpo

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After a few semesters with disappointments, even in Henry Martin was the target critics Voices of strong Americanism Leaving the Koba’s nestI don’t know where I’m going, they keep coming back, and in those transfer windows, being in a frenzy about what’s going on is a constant. Negotiations have already taken place.

And that’s it Striker AmericaHe became because of that drought, without many defeats in front of enemy goals Favorite villainSo he accepts, when the idea in his head that he can Release the vulturesAlthough It was not his choiceprowled the Guadalajara As their First optionEspecially thinking about not lowering that statue in the picture of important people MX League.

“Yes, very doubtful, because I am I don’t want to move from hereBut he said, ‘If I’m going to go,’ because my representatives talked to me and said, ‘You know, it’s here,’ because I don’t think they actually talked directly. Santiago (Bath); I think I was everybody’s sweetheart in this tournament, they put me in all the teams and I said: ‘I’m going to go to this or that team, no, I want to. Be in a great team‘.

“Because really Chivas is a great teamOne of the Big Four MexicoAnd I said, if there is a change, they should move me, they should take me out, I like it, who should go where, but I don’t want to leave here”, revealed in an interview with ESPN.

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