One Miami restaurant is offering a great deal to catch the action

The ecstasy of the April 8 solar eclipse is impressive north americaThey explained that it will not happen again until the year 2045. No one is willing to leave it and wait more than two decades to observe it, so they are looking for different locations to watch it in the best possible way. In this context full of expectations and anxiety, the gastronomic center also seizes the opportunity and a picturesque restaurant puts on a great offer: organizing a viewing party while customers dine and drink. Thankfulwith a view of Biscayne Bay.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon is located between the sun and the sun Land It casts a shadow on our planet. During a total solar eclipse, at locations within the path of totality (the 185-kilometre-wide path across north americaObservers will be able to see the moon covering 100% of the sun's disk.

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On the scientific level, the level of glorification is great. Without going any further, a pot We will use Monday to launch sounding missiles and fly high-altitude aircraft to conduct research on aspects sun And the Land Which is only possible during an eclipse. However, enthusiasm is also seen among citizens: only in United Statemore than 31 million people from 15 states, from Texas until whothey will have a “VIP seat” to see the moment it is done moon It will block out the sun, transitioning from day to night in a matter of seconds.

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While some “beneficiary” sites do not stop receiving tourists, this business does not want to remain out of business. For this reason, the preview offers the possibility of seeing it in the courtyard facing the sea. According to what they say on their social networks, guests will enjoy two special cocktails to set their mood: “Over the moon” And “Blinded by the lightsEach cocktail is served throughout the day, includes a shot and is available for $10. A souvenir temperature upgrade costs $15, and of course, special glasses for viewing the eclipse will be available to everyone.

One of the greatest perks is that the day will practically end when the customers decide to and not when the cosmic spectacle ends. the reason? After the solar eclipse ends, attendees will have the opportunity to stay until the restaurant closes, when the offerings will pour in.

As detailed in their promotions, there will be special offers The opposite of happy hour From 10pm until closing. This includes $4 domestic beers, $5 domestic bottled beers, $6 well drinks, $8 frozen cocktails, and $12 pitchers of the day.

How to watch a solar eclipse live?

If we think of space, we immediately associate it with space a pot. For this reason, the organization, which is headquartered in Washington It provides several variants to follow the live broadcast of the solar eclipse on April 8.

  • NASA+: The briefing will be broadcast live on NASA+.

  • NASA TV: The broadcast will be available on NASA TV and on the agency's website.
  • YouTube and social networks: NASA will broadcast live on its YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Twitch accounts.
  • TV and apps: NASA Television can be watched on TVs, computers and mobile devices across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android apps, as well as streaming services like Roku, Hulu, Amazon Fire TV and more.
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