Cardi B lashes out at people who call her Mexican: “I feel hurt”

LThe singer doesn't deny her Latin heritage; In fact, he celebrates it on many occasions, but Disagree with being misidentified as Mexican.

During a live broadcast on Instagram, the actress will She made it clear that she has not compromised her relationship with Offset, and she mentioned that messing with a Mexican guy bothers her. He explained that it is not appropriate to consider one's nationality based only on the characteristics of a particular place.

“I get offended when people label me Mexican because I'm not. I'm not MexicanCardi B insisted during the live broadcast. “Imagine a Nigerian calling a Ghanaian, a Haitian calling a Jamaican, or a Jamaican calling a Haitian and telling them how they would feel.”

Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar is known as Cardi B in the art world. He emphasized the importance of having a greater understanding of diversity within the Hispanic community. He highlighted that the Dominican Republic and Mexico have different customs, accents and cultures. “Being Dominican is not the same as being Mexican,” he insisted.

The artist says his nationalities have different cultures from Mexico, although they share the Spanish language. He pointed out the differences In Dialects and Gastronomy. He said that he will not allow his identity to be destroyed even if he receives criticism. In 2017, she was recognized with the Dominican Pride Award at the Soberano Awards, which demonstrates her roots in her nationality. Cardi B said when they call her MexicanIn a particularly pejorative manner, Consider it an attempt to provoke herBut he said he would not allow his Dominican nationality to be erased.

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