On National Radio: A special edition of “Ciencia al Aire” is coming

For Science Week, Public Radio will have a special broadcast Thursday, with many interviews, talks, and stand-ups with various institutions in the area. It will be on the radio door.

Francisco “Nano” Peralta and Rossio Davill, members of the RNE team, along with Carla Novak of CIEFAP, presented the event called “Ciencia al Aire” to be held from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, at Avenida Alvear at 1180.

At a press conference, Peralta said that the main objective of this special dispatch is primarily to “know the science” and announced that, in this context, they will present various proposals, including interviews with scientists from the region.

NPR Director Esquel confirmed that they will open the doors to bring together institutions related to science, technology, innovation and education. There will be an information booth for neighbors’ inquiries.

“This is the first time for Ciencia Al Aire,” he enthused enthusiastically about the potential for community interest, adding that they would seek to incorporate the proposal into the radio’s annual calendar of events.

Peralta reiterated that one of the goals of the special edition of Science Week was “to let the community know about the great scientific development” of the region and considered that without a doubt “we are part of a scientific and technological pole” with great potential.

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For his part, Daville said that they extended the invitation to the bodies responsible for promoting matters related to science, technology and education. Cynthia Al Air “will work down the street, on Avenida Alviar between Fontana and Sarmiento,” he said.

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He announced that institutions such as INTA, CIEFAP, ISFD No. 809, Los Alerces National Park, CIEMEP and Universidad de Río Negro Sede Andina, among others, are participating in the proposal. “The idea is that they have a position and they are part of an open radio,” he said.

Before concluding, neighbors in general and especially the educational community as a whole are invited to go on this interactive science fair on air. “We want them to participate in that day,” he stressed.

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