Kuwait launches its first satellite into space

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DOHA (Sputnik) – Kuwait launched the country’s first artificial satellite designed in the country: a nanosatellite that weighs one kilogram, said Bassam Al-feeli, founder and CEO of the Kuwaiti company Orbital Space.

“Kuwait’s first artificial satellite –Qamar Al-Kuwait (Kuwait’s Moon, in Spanish) – was launched into space with the Falcon 9 carrier rocket from the Cape Canaveral cosmodrome,” Al-feeli told KUNA news agency.

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He indicated that it is an educational satellite, known as CubeSat, with a volume of ten cubic centimeters and a weight of one kilogram.

The satellite will go into a synchronous orbit with the solar one.

The head of Orbital Space added that the Kuwaiti satellite is a teaching platform for students and allows them to interact with a real satellite launched into space to study satellite technologies.

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