Omar Sapporo in financial trouble; Sells luxury property in Los Angeles

Comedian Omar Chaparro He vowed that he would have a hard time in his career and career as the economic crisis caused by the Govt-19 epidemic led to the sale of the house he owned. Los Angeles California. While this may seem serious, the actor did not want to be dangerous and noted that he knew it was only a phase that would definitely pass.

“This epidemic tested me and I had to sell my house Los Angeles, I went to Mexico for six months I went back to the United States and now I have a rented house, but I have to continue breaking stone to buy another one, ”he said on a television program. He said maintaining a house in Los Angeles was too expensive and he did not have many job opportunities. It was recently revealed that he will no longer be driving. ‘Who is the mask ‘In his place will be Adrian Eurip.

The actor is also optimistic. Photo: Special.

The epidemic pushed him out of work

I’m out of work, They canceled the tour I had already planned with the Mariachs, they canceled the movies and campaigns and I said: ‘Well, what do I do?’ Then I took refuge in music, I have a full epidemic record, “he explained. They washed them, removed the tooth from a dog, and now, for four thousand dollars, eighty thousand pesos, I said: ‘Hey I’m buying a horse in Mexico,’ ‘he said.

Omar says he is very happy to have worked as a singer and is very excited to present his album, which includes Vallenado and 13 songs with Recatton. He said Feeling scared is not bad, But he shared that fear should not be paralyzed or prevent one from showing interest.

“I’m afraid to stop recording a song because I think people can reject it, and I love singing,” he commented. “I can’t imagine coming to God and asking why you stopped singing, I answer because others don’t like what I do,” Chappell added.


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