Oil spill in California causes environmental disaster and threatens two popular resorts

A cleaning team works at Huntington Beach (Reuters)

A major oil spill left off the coast of Southern California Dead fish, oil-soaked birds and polluted wetlands, In an incident described by local authorities Environmental disaster.

The U.S. Coast Guard is advancing a cleanup response involving federal, state and municipal agencies, which announced Sunday an ongoing investigation into how the leak occurred.

That is calculated About 126,000 gallons or 3,000 barrels, An oil slick covering an area of ​​about 13 square miles (3,367 hectares) in the Pacific Ocean, since it was first announced Saturday morning, Kim Carr said. Huntington Beach, At the press conference.

Oil fragments at Huntington Beach (Reuters)
Oil fragments at Huntington Beach (Reuters)

Car Leaks Called “Environmental Disaster”Potential environmental disaster”. The town, located about 40 miles south of Los Angeles, near the coast, has been badly affected by the leak.

The car added: “Our wetlands are deteriorating and some parts of our coastline are now covered with oil. This predicts an oil leak One of the worst situations our society has faced in decades”.

There was a leak A break with Ellie Oil Rick It stretches from Huntington Beach Bear to Newford Beach, a popular area for surfers and sunbathers.

The California Department of Fisheries and Wildlife has ordered the closure of fishing in coastal areas affected by the leak. Rebecca Orr, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Coast Guard in Los Angeles and the Long Beach area, said the oil slick was being closely monitored by both planes and coastguards flying over the area. -The above work is organized.

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The closure will extend from Huntington Beach to Dana Point to coastal areas and up to six miles offshore, the department said Sunday.

The car said the oil rig is operated by Beta Offshore, a subsidiary of Houston-based Amplify Energy Corporation. Calls from Reuters No response to beta and amplify.

Surfing with her board near the leak (Reuters)
Surfing with her board near the leak (Reuters)

Carr added: “We challenge the responsible parties to do everything possible to repair this environmental catastrophe in the coming days and weeks.”

Amplify Energy CEO Martin Wilsher told a news conference in Long Beach that the pipeline was closed and the remaining oil spilled out. He said divers were still trying to find out where and why the leak occurred.

There will be a leak “Irreversible effects on the environmentOrange County Secretary Katrina Foley said after several dead fish and birds were found on shore. “The impact will be extended beyond the oil and odor that our residents are now dealing with. The impact on the environment is irreversible.


Huntington Beach officials asked residents to stay away from the affected areas and avoid the beach.

“The” toxicity “of the crude is” worrying enough that a special hazardous materials team has been sent to the city to further assess the situation, “Foley said.

The Coast Guard is led by a joint command of federal, state, county and city agencies, where fire safety and naval personnel implement environmental control efforts. “Filtration systems and floating barriers have been used to prevent oil from seeping into the Bolsa Sika Environmental Reserve and the Huntington Beach wetlands,” a statement said.

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However, it is sad These wetlands are already experiencing “significant environmental effects”.

“The leak has not stopped completely and initial stages have been completed to repair the area where the oil spill occurred,” the city report said. “The scale of the leak called for quick and serious action,” he added.

(With Reuters, AFP and EFE information)


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