Odebrecht case: Trial against Ollanta Humala and Nadine Herdia to begin on February 21 nndc | Politics

Oral inquiry against former president And his wife, the former First Lady , To him It will start next Monday, February 21st, according to the Judicial Authority.

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The Third National Collegiate Criminal Court of the Supreme Court of Special Criminal Justice called for a hearing at 9:00 p.m. Through the Google Hangout Meet platform and video conferencing system.

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Similarly, the continuation of the oral hearing will take place on February 22 at 9:00 am. Subsequent hearings will be held in successive sessions as per the agenda of the Collegiate Court.

Former President Hollande Humalah and his wife, Nadine Heredia, are facing trial for money laundering.  (Photo: GEC)
Former President Hollande Humalah and his wife, Nadine Heredia, are facing trial for money laundering. (Photo: GEC)

Brother of Nadine Hertia, இலன்; Former First Lady’s mother, Antonia Allargon; And her friend Rocio Calderon Vinadea.

Also, Martín Belaunde Lossio; Friend of the former president’s partner; Former Congressman Santiago Castanadui; Maribel Amelita Vera Arévalo Cubas; Eladio Mego Guevara; And Carlos Gabriel Arenas Gomez Sánchez.

Humala Tasso was sentenced to 20 years in prison and Heredia Alarcon to 26 and one and a half years in prison. Government of Venezuela Y odebrecht For the 2006 and 2011 election campaigns, respectively.

The task force blamed Hollanda Humala Y Nadine Hertia The Commission on Money Laundering after investigating a case alleging alleged involvement of a Brazilian construction company odebrecht For the 2011 presidential election campaign.

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In this case, the statement he made was significant George Barada, Former supervisor of Odebrecht in Peru, to lawyers for the Special Committee. The former executive revealed that US $ 3 million had been provided from the Functional Section (Box 2) built for Humala Tasso’s campaign.

In his testimony, Bharata was not the only one caught Hollanda Humala Receipt of donation money. According to the talented collaborator, his wife Nadine Heredia also appears on the scene.

Among other aspects of the Judiciary’s Executive Committee, the Judiciary’s decision is the result of recent steps taken by the Judiciary’s Executive Committee to open and expedite the preparatory hearing phase of the Judicial Process.

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