October 9 vs Medellin Copa Sudamericana Loss Analysis | South American Cup

Jocay de Manta Stadium has been one of the worst games for Deportivo Independente Medellín so far this year. Julio Comasana had a bad game plan, came up with a number of injured players during the worst game moment against October 9, but stuck with an idea that helped them win their first game of the season against a foreign team in the South American Cup. Next, five aspects of the loose encounter of the powerful on Ecuadorian soil.

Several changes in the starting line-up: With a mixed team, Madeleine faced competition against 9 de Octubre. The attitude was very defensive, they wanted to use the changes, but they constantly crashed into the wall of a competitor, they appealed to that strong game and they did not compete in many aspects of the game. In the end, Julio Comesana used a number of changes that did not improve the team, they were cloudy after the third goal, and eventually they ended up without Javier Mendes on the pitch.

Lack of attack: With the exception of Edward Lopez’s goal, with Andres Ricard’s genius, DIM’s attacks were no more surprising than infertility. They did not come together to craft and when they tried to do it, the changes disrupted the pace of the game.

Low level players: Miguel Camarco, Edward Lopez, Juan Guillermo Arpoleda, to name a few, elements that are not on the same side with other teams. For the Panamanians, he created one on lime and sand with a free kick goal and penalty just minutes after the defeat. Lopez scored, but it did not make much of a difference, and Arbolida continued to make defensive errors that compromised two of the three goals on 9th October.

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Bad Attitudes: This match against Guerrero, against International and with 9D October, poor selection of pay and lack of clear idea about the game may go hand in hand with the first point of analysis. In the end, there were contests that needed what Medellin needed to win, but could not. The only great game they played in Atanasio. Antioquia is the ghost of the parties outside the stage, they received bad returns. Not to mention the poor management of emotions among the many players called upon to impose maturity and leadership.

Fans’ reprehensible attitude: Before the start of the filling phase, the DIM fans who accompanied the team in Monta continued the ‘fight’ with goalkeeper Jorge Pinos, who came from that game in Medellin, where the Ecuador goalkeeper managed the game. , He burned time and was the epitome of that game until Brian Castrilon’s goal. Objects thrown on the field of play had an impact on the player, and since then he has been licensed to lose time, throw himself on the ground and turn off the pace that Medellin sometimes had in the second half. ’30’ puts on a ‘show’ to warm up the fans.

Not another small fact, the performance of Bolivian referee Ivo Mendes allowed so much that it was difficult to give him justice in the match and when he wanted to give justice, it was too late. His inexperience caused its impact.

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